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Gone are the days when people used to deal property matters on the basis of "mouth to mouth publicity" or nearby dealers. Globalization and fast lifestyle has encouraged the real estate industry to step in E-World. Now active partakers of real estate world are eagerly seeking the right options to establish themselves in E-Real Estate World. RealestateIndia.Com is a solution to all what bothers to people who all are dealing in properties or people who all are searching property. As one of the leading property portals, RealestateIndia has tuned itself with pulse of real estate sector. Moving ahead with esteemed registered users and regularly visited by players of real estate industry, RealestateIndia.Com has become the pivot for real-estate sector

Salesperson – The Man Behind Super Sales

September 5, 2014

What it would be like if the world is bombarded with products and services with no one to market it? In such a scenario the market will lose its significance, the buyers will stay uninformed and there will be no sales. A product or service only carries relevance when it is put to sale. If none of them drive in sales they are considered to be bogus by the buyers. The only person who adds on value to a commodity is a salesperson. He is the man behind the stage who plays a very significant role in terms of marketing your product or services.

He is an individual who sells goods and services and contributes in expansion of business. His capability is usually measured by the amount of sales he has achieved and also how persuasive he has turned out to be. His basic aim is to persuade the buyers to make a purchase which helps the company drive in profits.

Role Of A Salesperson
A salesperson’s role has always remained a hot topic. From the eye of a manager he is one of the most expensive members of the team as his remunerations are high. As he an individual who drives in revenue for the company there is lot which is expected out of him. Persuading buyers is any day a tricky task thus a salesperson must be aware of the fundamentals of influence. He must have the basic capacity to understand and stay motivated. Reaching the set target is the most challenging enterprise which in any case he has to face. Thus his position calls for utmost determination and strong will.

For You To Be A Born Seller, you need to have

  • Passion for your profession- to be a successful salesperson you must love what you do. If you are not passionate about your profession nothing will work for you.
  • Character and ability to build trust: as your character defines your conduct, you must know how customers measure you. Believe in your actions, beliefs and tendencies as you are the one who can make or break the trust of the buyers.
  • Ability to connect: without that connection even the communication won’t work. To be successful you must know how to engage your customers.
    Capability to listen: more than speaking, listing is an important act of selling. Listening helps build relationships, thus a salesperson must possess the ability to listen.
  • The drive to succeed: success calls for a driving force, thus a salesperson must set his goals before celebrating his achievements.

    Undoubtedly a salesperson is a backbone of a company; he is man behind super sales. He must be valued for his work and unfailing commitments.

Tips To Effectively Handle Your Customers

August 29, 2014

One of the known mantras of any successful business is to keep the customers completely satisfied by effectively dealing with their complaints and issues. For this specific purpose a well-managed customer support team is required which can easily resolve the queries of the clients twenty-four seven. A customer support team ensures that a long-term relationship should be maintained between a client and an organization. Resolving the grievances of the customers should be given prior concern by any firm. Dealing with discontented clients is a challenging task. Mentioned below are some of the tips for effectively handling the customers:

  • Calm and composed attitude is must for customer support agents as they have to deal with frustrated clients as well. Never argue with customers as this can only complicate or worse the situation.
  • A friendly tone and a simple smile can do wonders in such situations where clients are completely annoyed.
  • Thoroughly listen to the customer’s complaint or query and assure them that their query will be answered or issue will be resolved within minimum amount of time.
  • Do not interrupt any customer while he or she is speaking. A professional attitude should be maintained while conversing with the clients. Further queries should be asked after the customer’s point is cleared.
  • Apologizing for the inconvenience occurred is the foremost thing to do by any customer care agent. After that, proposing a satisfactory solution for the issue is the next step of convincing the client.
  • Provide alternative solutions until the customer is completely satisfied and assure that the customer will not face the same problem again. Also, keep a record of such issues so that the root cause of the problem can be ascertained and completely demolished.
  • Make use of such language that promotes good customer service. For instance phrases like “How can I help you”, “I will keep you updated” and similar others definitely help in calming the customers.
  • Trustworthiness is a key to effective customer service owing to which the customer will be able to rely on the company for future business dealings.

    These are some of the positive methods using which one can easily and effectively handle the customers. As already stated, keeping the clients satisfied with a polite attitude will definitely bring fame and prosperity to the organization.

The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

August 28, 2014

Reputation Management helps companies and businesses to build their standing and status online. In this world of internet technology, consumers are increasingly making the use of online services to buy goods; therefore, it has become imperative for companies to create an online presence, and reach out to a wide network of customers. This is where Reputation Management comes in, which was originally invented as a public relations term.

Reputation Management refers to the activity of building the status of a website, by writing positive articles, feedback, reviews and the like, so that the website ranks high on search engines when conducting a search. When people visit a website, they are sure to view the comments or reviews given on the page, and base their judgments on the same. Therefore, Reputation Management is important to Positively Connect Businesses To The Online Community.

Tools Used In Reputation Management To Positively Connect Businesses To The Online Community :
There are various tools that can be used to Positively Connect Businesses To The Online Community. Reputation management involves protecting the online reputation of companies, from negative feedback, that would lead to counterproductive efficiency. Mentioned below are some of the Reputation Management tools that businesses use to positively connect with the online community:

  • Trackur- This tool displays what people are seeing on search engines like Google and any other social network, and helps you to customize your setting accordingly.
  • Naymz- This tool scores you on the basis of your brand’s popularity as well as your social influence, which is measured by social sharing indicators.
  • Brandwatch- Brandwatch is the most popular tool, which helps in reputation management, and allows a comprehensive management of social media and keyword selection.
  • Rankur- Offers a lot of analysis and helps in viewing online reviews and provide the ranking of industries that may be searching for your website.

Monitoring your company’s reputation is an ongoing effort and there will always be areas of improvement, which is why reputation management has come to the forefront, to undertake all the activities pertaining to creation of a popular website among the online community.

RealEstateIndia.Com – Blogs Release July 2014

August 8, 2014

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