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Gone are the days when people used to deal property matters on the basis of "mouth to mouth publicity" or nearby dealers. Globalization and fast lifestyle has encouraged the real estate industry to step in E-World. Now active partakers of real estate world are eagerly seeking the right options to establish themselves in E-Real Estate World. RealestateIndia.Com is a solution to all what bothers to people who all are dealing in properties or people who all are searching property. As one of the leading property portals, RealestateIndia has tuned itself with pulse of real estate sector. Moving ahead with esteemed registered users and regularly visited by players of real estate industry, RealestateIndia.Com has become the pivot for real-estate sector

Real Estate In Delhi NCR

October 24, 2014

Delhi is the capital of the country and a commercial and political hub. This is reason enough to make it a popular real estate hub in the whole country. NCR includes regions like Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Bhiwadi. It covers an area of 33,578 sq km and is one of the largest national capital regions in the whole world.

Owing to noise and pollution, and space problems in the national capital, the regions located near to Delhi have become popular regions to invest in real estate in past few years. Thousands of people flock to Delhi & NCR from all over the country for education purpose or to earn a living. Delhi & NCR Real Estate has witnessed a period of significant growth and is expected to sustain in future also.

Commercial Properties
Best Places to Invest
Some of the popular places where commercial properties can be bought are Sector 10, Noida; DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon; Sector 127, Greater Noida Expressway; Sect-62, Noida; Sector-15, NH-8; Sector 144, Greater Noida Expressway; Sohna Road, Gurgaon etc.

The current commercial market in Delhi & NCR is characterized by various new projects that were launched in the PBD area like Jaypee Chambers”, “Wave City Centre” and “Logix City Centre” in Noida. The One Horizon Centre” and “Athena” in Gurgaon are also very big projects.

Residential Properties
Best Places to Invest
Some of the popular regions in Delhi & NCR, where residential properties can be bought are Supertech Emerald Court, Sector-93; Builder Floor Apartment , Vasundhara; Tughlakabad; ATS Greens Village, Sector-93 A; Aditya Mega City, Indirapuram; Gaur Greenvista Phase I, Indirapuram; Niti Khand II etc.

There has been significant development in residential real estate in Delhi & NCR in past one year. The major contribution has been given by real estate developers like Supertech Ltd especially in regions like Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. With the expected infrastructure growth in Noida, the townships in Noida would further grow.

In Dec 2013, the mixed-land use policy was approved by the authorities in Noida. According to this policy no restriction would be imposed on constructing and developing residential facilities in Noida, for maximum utilization of space. The real estate sector in Delhi & NCR has been reinforced by the government agencies and authorities that have introduced favorable measures like Regulatory Bill and REITs for the purpose. Real estate in the regions is also expected to witness boom owing to the reforms suggested by Union Government for retail and FDI.

The Booming Real Estate Industry in Indore

October 17, 2014

Living in a comfortable and luxurious place is the dream of most people. The place can be a flat or a bungalow depending on the budget of the individual. The city of Indore provides good options for quality residential and commercial places. The real estate industry of Indore is flourishing at a fast rate and more and more people are settling in this city to lead a comfortable and good quality life.

Many construction companies are investing in the real estate of Indore owing to its natural beauty and availability of space. Several big budget residential and commercial projects are being launched to make Indore truly competent with other metropolitan cities of India. Within few years the city would have excellent infrastructure and living facility. Many commercial plots are available for setting up new industries along with residential space. The main features of the real estate of Indore are as follows:-

  • Affordable Rates- The residential property in Indore are very affordable. The city is still in the development stage hence, the prices of apartments are not as high as other commercial capitals of the country. The flats and buildings being constructed are using high quality material and ensure complete consumer satisfaction.
  • Educational Institutions- With more and more residential places budding up, investors are also launching projects for the construction of educational institutions like schools and colleges to provide more facilities to the people living and moving in the city.
  • Security- The newly developed residential societies and commercial offices are equipped with high security services. People can live and work peacefully without any fear or worry.
  • Entertainment and Recreational Facilities- The real estate industry of Indore also involves the development of recreational places like parks with ample greenery and rides for kids. Market complexes are also being constructed nearby every location to provide entertainment facility to people.Indore is a city with beautiful landscapes and enough free space. Real Estate Industry of the city is booming due to more and more investors showing interest in the city. Various residential and commercial options are available for people who wish to move in this city to lead a safe and comfortable life.

RealEstateIndia.Com – Blogs Release September 2014

October 3, 2014

Salesperson – The Man Behind Super Sales
What it would be like if the world is bombarded with products and services with no one to market it? In such a scenario the market will lose its significance, the buyers will stay uninformed and there will be no sales. A product or service only carries relevance when it is put to sale. If none of them drive in sales they are considered to be bogus by the buyers [...]

Real Estate Scenario In Goa
Having a home in the beautiful, scenic tropical paradise of Goa is a wonderful experience. The real estate scenario in Goa is recovering from under a limping growth of the past 2 years. People are now willing to invest in real estate projects in Goa, owing to a decrease in prices, and the availability of strategic locations, that are inviting new real estate projects [...]

Affordable Bangalore Flats With Ultimate Location
If living in the same city has become a little monotonous, and if you are eager to explore new places and people, why not shift to the ever bustling Bangalore city. The benevolent climate and pleasing environs will delight you for sure; you are missing something special unless you discover this burgeoning India’s southern destination [...]

Customer Complaints: How To Trump The Grump
If you are in the customer service domain, then you would surely have come across disgruntled customers at one time or the other. Dealing with an angry customer can be a scary experience, which is why regular training is provided to people who are part of a customer support team [...]

Customer Complaints: How To Trump The Grump

September 26, 2014

If you are in the customer service domain, then you would surely have come across disgruntled customers at one time or the other. Dealing with an angry customer can be a scary experience, which is why regular training is provided to people who are part of a customer support team. Many companies tend to underestimate the power an average angry customer yields. An unhappy customer is more likely to tell his peers about the bad experience than a happy one. In this age of networking, word-of-mouth serves as a powerful marketing tool and has the power to make-or-break any brand.

Tips For Dealing With Grumpy Customers

  • One of the first things to remember when dealing with an angry customer is to remember that this is not a personal vendetta against you. The customer has had a bad experience with the company you are working for & is using you as a medium to vent his feelings and anger. Never ever lose your temper with an angry customer, as it will only escalate the situation further.
  • Always remember to acknowledge the customer for taking out the time to let his dissatisfaction known. Acknowledgement is an important part of handling angry customers.
  • Give complete attention to the angry customer who is calling in share his concern with you. Also, show empathy and respect the customers’ feeling, no matter how angry or disgruntled they are.
  • The right words can make a huge difference in controlling a situation and preventing it from going out of hand. Without accepting the blame, you can apologize to the customer for the bad experience they has. This will tell him that you are concerned with his welfare and understand his situation.
  • Listen carefully to what he has to say about the incident that triggered his anger, & ask if you need clarity on any point. Rephrase the entire thing to ensure that you got all the facts right.
  • Ask the customer what he wants & how your company can remedy the situation. Take his suggestions and also provide your feedback. If you do not have the answers, tell the customer that you will get back to him in a short time with an effective solution.

These simple steps can prove very useful in dealing with and placating an angry customer. At, a trusted portal that offers effective real estate solutions, Customer Complaints are given top priority. Realestateindia Complaints are handled by highly trained members who have years of experience in complaint handling. Even with this, the team handling Realestateindia.Com Client Complaints is provided with regular training to ensure that it can successfully deal with all kinds of customers, and offer effective Realestateindia.Com Complaint Solutions accordingly.


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