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Gone are the days when people used to deal property matters on the basis of "mouth to mouth publicity" or nearby dealers. Globalization and fast lifestyle has encouraged the real estate industry to step in E-World. Now active partakers of real estate world are eagerly seeking the right options to establish themselves in E-Real Estate World. RealestateIndia.Com is a solution to all what bothers to people who all are dealing in properties or people who all are searching property. As one of the leading property portals, RealestateIndia has tuned itself with pulse of real estate sector. Moving ahead with esteemed registered users and regularly visited by players of real estate industry, RealestateIndia.Com has become the pivot for real-estate sector

Buy Properties in Bhiwadi

April 14, 2014

Bhiwadi, located in Rajasthan is a metropolitan area and is very close to the national capital of India, New Delhi. Nowadays a number of companies and industries are cropping up for various purposes. The advent of such industries has led to a surge in the number of individuals coming to this area, bringing about a remarkable increase in its real estate market. Many realtors like Omaxe, UIT, Kajaria and RHB have established their hold in Bhiwadi. A hike in the price ranges of real estate market is evident, and this has helped the realtors in reaping huge benefits owing to the increase of commercial and residential properties in this region.

A number of online portals are available from where you can get the right information about real estate properties, in case you have a plan to book one. It is always good and safe if you search about such properties from a secure online portal. In such portals there is a proper listing of all those companies that offer assistance in purchasing, selling and renting both commercial and residential properties in Bhiwadi.

Industries in Bhiwadi:
Bhiwadi is a fast developing town and offers its inhabitants all sorts of life amenities that are essential. The city extends over 5300 acres and boasts of about 2700 large scale, medium and small scale industries. Industries like steel, electronics, engineering, pharmaceuticals, cables, textiles, printing units, rolling mills, and herbal care units have entrenched a base in the city. With the soaring rates of properties in NCR, realtors are thinking of opting Bhiwadi due to its perfect location on the Jaipur-Delhi highway. There are 15 industrial and commercial areas in Bhiwadi that have been put up by the Rajasthan Industrial Investment Corporation that can support over 300 and more medium and large scale manufacturing units. Top firms and industries like Omax and Kajaria Housing have decided to set up Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which will increase the employment opportunities of the residents. Ashiana Housing has also contributed by establishing residential properties and malls in the city, adding debonair to Bhiwadi.

The city being located on the national highway region has confirmed its scope to be the next infrastructural hub like Gurgaon. Its exceptional connectivity with Delhi also makes it a much sought after place for realtors. A plethora of apartments and flats have been recently established in Bhiwadi.

What are the 4 Important Things to Consider while Renting Apartments

April 7, 2014

Renting an apartment is quite a complex task since there are so many things to consider. It is indeed a question of cost and your comfort. It would be good if you consider the following factors, while searching for apartment rentals.

  • Make a list of all those things that are significant for your comfortable stay. Sometimes you will have to give up certain features for the sake of lowering the cost. Re-evaluate the list based upon available options and cost.
  • It is always convenient to live in an apartment that has good infrastructures in its precincts, which would include medical facilities, shopping, restaurants, and schools. In addition to that, safety is a pre-requisite. You should also be aware of the type of neighbors that you are going to live amid. Try to talk to some of the people nearby in order to make out what kind of place you and your family are going to live in. Find out whether there is enough space near the apartment for parking. Also, check whether you need a permit or not for parking.
  • Another question is, does the cost of the apartment fit into your budget? It is very important to have a clear idea of the budget estimates in your mind while searching for apartment rentals. It is a futile idea to spend too much of the hard earned monthly income for rentals. If you keep this in mind it will help you in saving money for essential things. Ideally, your monthly rent should be less than 33% of your gross monthly income. Try contacting a broker or a landlord to finalize the rent of the apartment.
  •  Always make sure whether you are comfortable with rules and regulations. Most of the apartments set forward rules about what you can do and cannot do. Check whether you have gone through the list before signing the lease agreement. Ask a written document of the rules so that in the near future there won’t be any issues. Make sure whether you can keep a pet, as some landlords have stringent rules on pets. Sometimes landlords even levy hefty pet fees and put a limit on the number of pets that can be kept.

Before you rent an apartment make extensive search on the aforesaid things so that you can have a peaceful stay throughout.

World Class Projects by Developers in Mumbai

March 31, 2014

Mumbai, the financial capital of India is going through a booming industrial scenario that seems to attract many developers in real estate. These developers have been known to create a space for themselves and have won laurels for producing invincible landmarks. Mumbai has always been dynamic in all perspectives, be it culture or industry. The city boasts of a cosmopolitan lifestyle, making it the top performer in real estate. The cornucopia of growth opportunities has persuaded many people to choose Mumbai as their home, leaving remarkable effects on the real estate market. Potential investors and buyers have been wooed by the imposing residential properties. The city of Mumbai has something to offer for every inhabitant.

Developers in Mumbai are coming up with projects that are in accordance with the evolving demands and aspirations of the ‘new age home buyer’. The ‘new age home buyer’ expects more than a roof and four walls. Their outlooks have changed significantly, and nowadays most of them aspire for a home that suites their disposition.

There are a plethora of properties in India, especially residential, that has caught the sentiments of the buyer, like ‘Vivarea’ by K Raheja Corp. The well-proportioned architecture of this plot offers striking views, grand spaces and meticulous interiors that blend well with its sophisticated and sleek exteriors. The project is LEED registered and is a behooving limerick to the achievers. The main highlight of the project is its befitting location plus the amalgamation of civic amenities and connectivity. Raheja Vistas is a sister concern project of the group that too has claimed the hearts of many buyers. An extravagant living space nestled amid huge open area; Raheja Vistas is the true mix of modern lifestyle and refined spaces. The residential properties have been designed for people who believe in innovative ideas. The plot comprises of a cluster of towering buildings that offer a wide variety of apartment types to opt from, such as 2 & 3 BHK apartments.

Mumbai is a perfect melting pot for many industries and sectors, especially the real estate industry. Mumbai has given a niche to many budding developers to come up with projects that captivate both national and international buyers. The projects of K Raheja Corp. are much acclaimed in presenting residential buildings with world class amenities, sealed with perfect artistry.

Buying New Real Estate – Points To Note

March 13, 2014

Buying real estate is a popular kind of investment as it provides high future returns. But buyers need to be very cautious when investing in real estate as a bad investment could mean a significant loss in terms of money. In order to avoid such a situation, it is always better to prepare a checklist about the kind of property you would like to invest in & choose a property option that meets the most number of criteria on the checklist.

  • Location – The location of property is an important thing to consider before buying. Is it located close to schools, markets, hospitals, etc? Consider the average time taken to reach all these places from the property? If the distance is too much, it would be a smart idea to look for other alternatives.
  • Accessibility/Connectivity – Is the property accessible? Is it well connected to other important locations across the city? This is important because you or your spouse would need to travel to your office/shop on a daily basis; the kids would have to go to school/college, etc. – for all this proper connectivity is a must.
  • Neighbourhood – Is the property you are considering to buy located in a safe neighbourhood? This is important to ensure your personal safety and that of your family.
  • Legal Regulations – Does the property adhere to the legal regulations outlined by the concerned authorities? Was it built as per the building code? Is the title deed legal? Have all the previous dues e.g. property tax, etc. been paid.
  • Condition Of The Property – If you are buying a house, be sure to do a proper tour of the property to analyze it current condition. Check for leakage in the plumbing system, malfunctioning in the electrical system, cracks in the walls, infestation, rot in the wooden hardware, etc.
  • Budget – Is the price being quoted for the property within your budget? Is there scope for negotiations? Outlining the budget is an important step that should be undertaken before you actually start looking for viable properties. This narrows down the possibilities and makes your search more effective and less time consuming.

These are some of the essential considerations that should be kept in mind while buying new real estate. By preparing this checklist, you can ensure that you do not end up investing in property which does not meet your requirements efficiently.

Properties in Delhi NCR: Is The Bubble Effect Looming

March 10, 2014

The sky-rocketing prices of Properties in Delhi NCR, on one hand reflect the bright side of the realty sector in the region, and on the other, shatter the dreams of middle-class buyers. The big leaps in the value leave many wondering whether they will ever be able to stack enough to own a home at a decent location.  Overall, the buyers’ sentiments and moral get a severe jolt with unabated circle rates and eventually, it leads to a situation where demands plummet. The present situation is not much different and the threat looms over the real estate sector in the capital.

The Story Behind The Price Rise
Infrastructural development in the region entices big players to enter into the realty markets of the region. With too many competitors vying for the same assets, prices are bound to inflate. With demand-supply chain getting stressed prices jump up without showing a respectable harmony with the actual value. This eventually leads to a bubble that may burst anytime and impact the whole economy.  There are multiple factors that act together and contribute to indiscriminate price rise in the sector. Here’s is a list of a few.

  • Rise in business opportunities in sectors such as IT/ITES, BFSI, etc.
  • Rising employment and higher disposable incomes
  • Easier access to bank finance charged with affordable interests
  • Tax benefits on buying residential properties
  • Rise in young and earning population, nuclear families
  • Migration from rural to urban centers for livelihood and better lifestyle

The factors mentioned above have resulted in an unsustainable value appreciation in the cities real estate sector. The bubble that has been created may burst anytime and lead to losses. Even the big economies like Japan, Australia, Britain and USA have been victim of such colossal prices and eventually market reversal.

The Market Is Not Too Grim
Yes, there is a threatening bubble effect that’s creating doubts in the mind of investors, but the situation is not out of hands. The economies that have been engulfed by such crisis were different from ours-that is a big encouragement. If we can maintain a good overall economic growth and prevent the demands from a sudden free fall, then the crises can be averted or more precisely its impacts can be nullified to a great extent. But till then, it will be wiser to accept the reality that Properties in Delhi NCR are under the crunch of colossal prices.

Chennai Real Estate – Some Prominent Realty Trends

March 6, 2014

Often referred to as ‘Detroit of India’, Chennai is the fourth most populated Metropolitan city in India. The foodies relate to this city as the land of “Idli, Vada, Sambhar” while music lovers associate it with being the hub of Carnatic Music. Not just this, Chennai closely follows after Bangalore as the second largest exporter of IT/ITES and software. In recent times, the demand for properties in Chennai has witnessed steady growth; this growth is not limited to just one segment but includes residential, commercial office space and commercial retail space.

Some Prominent Realty Trends in Chennai Real Estate

  • With a booming IT/ITES sector, Chennai is attracting IT professionals from all over the country. These professionals having varied income levels have created a demand for properties in mid-end and value housing segment in the city suburbs. Properties in Chennai Suburbs are witnessing high demand both from investors as well as end-users. Some prominent residential projects in Chennai Real estate include Hiranandani Upscale Apartment (OMR), Park Avenue (Kelambakkam, OMR), The Art (Kothari Road, Nungambakkam)
  • As far as Commercial Office Space In Chennai is concerned, the growth rate has been phenomenal in the past ten years. Again this growth is attributed to the growth of IT/ITES sector & the setting up of many IT Parks across the state. As per realty market experts, if the current rate of growth continues, the size of office stock in Chennai will reach the current size of Mumbai office stock by 2015. OMR tops the list in terms of the most preferred location for setting up IT office space in Chennai.
  • The high end high streets of Chennai including Wallace Garden Road and Khadar Nawaz Khan Road (KNK Road), etc. have emerged as a hub of premium retail and fashion brands. Some factors that have contributed to the high demand for retail space in these locations are the availability of hassle free car parking area and proximity to the city centre. As per market experts, the suburban locations in Chennai will witness high demand from retail brands in the next few years to come. The reasonable rental rates of retail space and growing residential base here will drive this demand. Some operational & upcoming Malls in Chennai include City Center Mall, Express Avenue Mall, Market City, The Grande, etc.

These are just some of the prominent realty trends as far as Chennai Real Estate is concerned.

Rental Apartments – What To Consider While Looking For One

February 18, 2014

How tough could it be to find a suitable rental apartment – you would ask? If this question arises in your mind too, then you surely are one of those who have yet to undergo this situation. The idea behind this blog is not to scare you into believing that finding a suitable rental apartment is a traumatic experience, rather the aim here is to make you aware of the aspects you need to analyse while considering whether a property is suitable for you or not. Some important questions that you need to consider are mentioned below.

  • What Is The Condition Of The Rental Apartment?
    This is important because once you sign the rent agreement; you will be bound by the contract and will have to spend considerable hours each day there. So make sure beforehand that the property you are renting is liveable & suitable for your needs. Make sure that there is no seepage, the water supply is regular, proper drainage is available, plumbing and electrical system is in order, etc.
  • Is The Rental Apartment Accessible?
    Here accessibility refers to its location in the city & where proper transportation is available that connects it to other parts. Is it close to – your office, your kid’s school, the supermarket, a hospital? Another relevant aspect to consider is whether the Rental Apartment is located in a safe neighbourhood or not? Will it be safe to commute to your property at night? Have there been any reports of theft or robbery in the neighbourhood or nearby areas?
  • What Is The Cost Of Renting The Apartment?
    Does the rent justify the apartment in terms of size, condition, location, etc.? Does the monthly rental plan seem within your budget? How much tax and deposit will you have to pay? Consider all the recurring costs like monthly electricity and society bills when calculating the total costs.

These are some of important aspects that you will have to consider when you go out to find a suitable rental apartment.


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